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General acknowledgement

  • SimWorks Studios will be referred to as SWS
  • Carriers Extended! will be referred to as CEX
  • Software, SDK, CEX SDK: Includes CEX development tools, software programs, 3D assets, artwork and documentation
  • License: The software is licensed on a per-user basis. By using this software you agree to be bound by the terms herein.
  1. The CEX SDK is offered to you as a way to add new functionality to your products
  2. Use of the software is provided free of charge. Selling the software is strictly prohibited.
  3. SWS has no responsibility that may arise from the use of the software
  4. New features may be requested through [[mailto: collaborate@simworksstudios.com|e-mail]], but SWS is not bound to create them
  5. SWS will disclose to the best of our ability any limitations associated to the software, but it is up to you to take the responsibility for ensuring that your product operates properly with or without the software.
  6. If your end-users do not own a license of CEX, CEX-related features will not work on your product.==

General use rights

File:CEX On Deck.png
CEX Logo. Click for high resolution version with transparency

General: One user per software license may install and use a single copy of the software to design, develop, test and demonstrate your products. CEX along with this documentation are the only requirements to start using the CEX SDK.

  • CEX Logo: The CEX logo should be clearly visible on the online product page, physical packaging of the product utilizing it and any screenshots that showcase CEX features. If the product is sold through an online venue, then the logo must link the customer to SimWorks Studios' Page. The logo is provided with a transparent background but may be scaled down, provided the "CEX ON DECK" text is clearly visible on the full resolution screenshot, the product packaging and description. The logo can be downloaded from here: Download
  • Any detailed product description must include clear instructions for the acquisition and function of CEX. Marketing and advertising material does not need to contain the CEX logo, unless the photo or video scene shows CEX features (i.e. animated arrestor cables).

Additional functionality

  1. Additional features may be added at SWS' discretion as the software evolves. Different terms may apply to these additions, which will be noted where applicable.
  2. Commercial use of CEX is not allowed without the explicit, written permission of SimWorks Studios. If you have customer wishing to use CEX under a commercial version of Prepar3D you must obtain a commercial license from SWS.
  3. Feature requests may be sent to SimWorks Studios through [| e-mail]. However, SWS is not obliged in any way to develop them or provide timelines and details about their development proccess.

Additional Rights

  1. End-product use: Products created with CEX SDK are not use-restricted. The developer may license their products as they see fit. Features that make use of CEX SDK will only be functional if CEX is installed and the end-user must comply with the CEX EULA in order to utilize them.
  2. Licensing: CEX is licensed separately from your product and in no way affects your own product's licensing


  • Developer Support: SWS will provide voluntary developer support on the CEX SDK wiki and the SWS Forums. In order for a developer to gain access to the development fora, they must request access by contacting SWS [through e-mail] or the [SWS fora]. Access permission to the example assets will also be provided the same way.
  • Customer Support: SWS is only responsible for supporting the CEX in-game menu systems and Aircraft Configuration App, as well as the core CEX functionality. Support will NOT be provided for problems arising from bad implementation of CEX features from the developer.


  • CEX example assets, including models and textures are available only to developers who have requested and been granted access. These assets are exclusively designed to be used with CEX-compatible simobjects. Please see TERMS OF USE, below for a complete explanation of acceptable terms of use.
  • The assets are distributed in .max 2014 format, UVW-mapped and with textures which can be used as-is or you can create your own. However, creating your own assets without following the guidelines herein may result in reduced or broken functionality, for which SWS has absolutely no responsibility.
  • The assets may become available in more formats at SWS' discretion. Developers may request different formats from SWS.
  • Example assets can be accessed after an [[mailto: collaborate@simworksstudios.com|e-mail]] request. Distribution of the example assets' source files by anyone other than SWS, for free or for profit, is strictly prohibited and will be considered a violation of the license. Assets may only be accessed after direct communication with SWS.
  • Compiled versions or products based on the example assets may be included in your own products, but functionality should only be possible if the end-user owns a copy of CEX.
  • The assets may be modified freely for use in your own products in a compiled form.

Assets created by third-party developers and given in source form to SWS will no longer be exlusive property of said developers. SWS will effectively be the co-owner of these assets and may use or modify them them without any restrictions, with no permission from the original creator. Therefore, only send us source assets if needed or requested. An example would be a hangar truck created by developer X and sent to SWS for assistance. If that truck's source is sent to SWS, it can be bundled with CEX and shared as an example asset with other developers, thus being included in their products.

Limitations on and exclusions of damages

  • SWS will not be responsible for any claims or damages resulting from the use of the CEX SDK. You may not recover any consequential, lost profits, special, indirect or incidental damages resulting from the use of this software. You use the software entirely at your own risk.
  • SWS makes no claims as to the future viability of this product. By accepting this agreement, you acknowledge that you have no recourse should SWS decide to discontinue support for this software. In the event this happens, you agree that you are the sole responsible for adapting your product to work in such an event and you have no claims of any kind from SWS.
  • SWS has the right to modify this product at any time and for any reason.
  • SWS does not guarantee backward compatibility of the software.

Legal effect

The software is subject to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. You must comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations that apply to the software. These laws include restrictions on destinations, end-users and end-use.

This agreement describes certain legal rights. You may have other rights under the laws of your state, country or the party that provided you with the software. This agreement does not change your rights under the laws of your state or country if the laws of your state or country do not permit it to do so.

Entire agreement

This agreement including the exclusion of damages, and the terms described above are the entire agreement for the software and support services. The entire agreement is bound by the laws of the country you acquired the software in.

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