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F-4B/N Aircraft configuration manager.

Aircraft states

At the top of the ACM are three pre-defined aircraft states. Clicking the respective button will set the aircraft at that state.

  • Cold & Dark
  • Ready to start: every system is ready and the only thing remaining is engine startup
  • Ready to fly: everything is powered and ready to go

Communications radio memory management

Immediately below the state buttons is the memory management panel. This allows you to change the preset communication channels stored in the radio memory. To the left is the preset selector, allowing you to select channels 1-17 and the Guard frequency. To the right is the dial that allows you to change the frequency of the selected channel.

INS setup

The next area is the INS setup section. This area displays current aircraft latitude/longitude, magnetic variation, wind speed and direction. It also allows you to create a pair of BASE and TARGET coordinates for rapid input into the INS.

  • The aircraft coordinates are automatically updated and are the first set of coordinates shown.
  • Below are the TARGET and BASE coordinates which can be adjusted using the +/- buttons labeled "1". Clicking on the buttons labeled "2" will change hemisphere from North to South (Latitude) or East to West (Longitude) and vice versa.
  • Under the TARGET & BASE coordinates are the MAGVAR and WIND components. You can read the current magnetic variation, wind speed and direction and manually input them in the INS or assign them using the buttons below

Saving and loading settings

Save/load buttons are located at the bottom of the ACM. They are used to load settings to and from the aircraft, as well as save and load settings into a file for later use.

  • SAVE SETTINGS: Saves all ACM settings into a file for future use
  • LOAD FROM FILE: Restores the INS and Radio memory settings saved using the SAVE SETTINGS button
  • LOAD FROM AC: Imports the INS and radio memory settings from the aircraft to the ACM.
  • APPLY SETTINGS: Applies all ACM settings to the aircraft, sets INS to STBY and INS alignment to 100%.

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